Victims of Fallout 76 inventory hacks are getting free Atoms and subscription time

Feelin' fine!

All right, we freely admit that given the title’s history up to this point, you might be legitimately skeptical of a problem in Fallout 76 being handled well. But that does indeed appear to be what has happened with the inventory hack discovered around the holidays. Players had reported losing their inventories to hackers, and Bethesda has now responded by… giving back the afflicted players their lost items, along with a helpful dose of atoms to boot.

For players who were not already subscribed to the Fallout 1st package, these players have received free subscription time as well; those with an existing subscription appear to have simply been granted a larger number of Atoms by way of balance. The compensation is also notable because it indicates that Bethesda is able to restore items to player inventories, which had been in question before this point. So yes, this story just ends with Bethesda having managed its players properly. That shouldn’t be a glow-up, yet here we are.

Source: Polygon

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