EVE Online: DDOS, sale, and the player auction that brought in $33,000 for charity


Never let it be said that games can’t make a difference.

One EVE Online player, struck by the tragedy of the Australian bushfires, put an extremely rare ship up for auction last weekend with the hopes of using the PLEX proceeds (turned into real money) to aid the disaster. The sale just went through, adding an impressive $33,000 to CCP’s PLEX for Good donation drive.

And since we’re on the topic of money, EVE Online started selling a new set of value packs for those looking to transmute cash into progress. The packs, which range from $10 to $90, offer ship skins, training boosts, PLEX, skill points, and more.

Finally, it looks as though the game suffered through a round of DDoS attacks recently. The good news is that anyone who lost a ship during this period may be eligible for a ship refund — but CCP says that it might take a little while for the request to go through due to the high volume of applications.


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