World of Warcraft brings back the Lunar Festival for another year

Same old story.

When a World of Warcraft holiday rolls around, it’s usually the little things that get expanded or changed rather than big ones. Case in point: If you’ve done the Lunar Festival before, you’ll probably find the event largely the same, with mostly familiar mechanics to the annual Omen fight, standard arrays of rewards for the coins you get from Elders across the world, and so forth. What is different is that you can do a quest series to make the various flower crown items available for transmog year-round instead of just for the holiday.

Sure, it’s not half a patch on all the other season-limited transmogs, but it’s at least a step in the right direction, yes?

Players can also unlock toys, pets, and of course the flower crown appearances if they haven’t already been unlocked, as well as picking up fireworks and getting reputation boosts by scouring the map for illuminated Elders. They’re minor changes, but it should ensure that you’ve got something to take away from this year’s festival as it runs until February 7th.


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Half step in right direction, the quests to get the transmog is go there and collect 3 flowers from these zones, a quest for each item, i did 2 of them and stopped.

They could make people have choice, spend time or spend gold, i’m willing to pay 10k gold for each item.

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It’s also running in Classic, for those who Classic.