Brawler bunnies and portly Popori punchers arrive in TERA console’s Fists of Justice update


It’s time to enter the ring with nothing but your fists and an adorable cat face. Or bunny face. Or ferret or dog or panda face; you get the idea. The Popori Brawler has officially landed in TERA on console. Likely striking a superhero landing pose.

As we reported before, the Popori can now enter the front lines as the tanky Brawler class, wielding powerfists and stringing together punches and counter-punches in order to layeth the smacketh down on some BAMs or any other flavor of candy ass. The update has also brought on the Antaroth’s Abyss dungeon for level 65 players and the ability for players to upgrade their Pendants, Rings, and Earrings to the new Abyssal variety.

There’s lots to do and a wide variety of faces to punch for Xbox One and PS4 players, so feel free to check out the briefing or watch the Popori Brawler in action below.

source: press release


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I’ll always support TERA adding a class to a race that isn’t Elin. I must have missed them adding this into the PC version though or else I probably would have reinstalled. May as well go for it now.