Datamining unveils hints about the remaining content in the Icebrood Saga for Guild Wars 2

Cool, cool cool cool.

When you’re curious about the upcoming content for Guild Wars 2 but don’t have any official word on the matter, who do you turn to? The dataminers, of course, and indomitable user and miner that_shaman on Twitter has already uncovered some information about the upcoming content within the game’s client regarding tome slots. It appears that there are nine total slots within the Icebrood Saga Portal Tome, suggesting… well, nine total installments. Or nine total somethings, even if every entry doesn’t wind up being individual episodes.

The conclusion suggested by that_shaman is that this may well indicate six more episodes with a two-month gap between each, leading to a year’s worth of content, but that’s purely speculative and acknowledged as such. It’s also noted to be information that may be subject to change, so it’s far from the final word… but it does at least give an idea of the current state of play. You can jump into the speculation train over on Reddit, if you’re so inclined.

Source: Twitter, Reddit
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