Rockstar thanks players of GTA Online and Red Dead Online for a booming holiday season with freebies


Lots of folks were spending their time being naughty during the holiday season. Not in the “coal instead of presents” kind of way, but in the “doing digital crimes in digital worlds” way. According to a press release from Rockstar, both Red Dead Online and Grand Theft Auto Online had record-breaking holiday seasons, and the devs would like to thank its players by handing out free in-game stuff.

While specific numbers for both games’ populations weren’t provided, the announcement marks updates like GTA Online’s Diamond Casino and subsequent casino Heist content and Red Dead Online’s exit from open beta and the launch of Frontier Pursuits roles which brought in lots of players to both games. This all tracks with news that GTAO was one of 2019’s most downloaded PlayStation games.

“Everyone from the Heist crews, stunters and racers in GTA Online to the Moonshiners, Bounty Hunters, Traders and Collectors of Red Dead Online – along with all the players happy to wander, explore and create their own adventures in both worlds – we thank you for helping to build some of the best gaming communities around,” reads the presser.

Of course, words are nice but free stuff is better, so players of GTAO are able to score a free 1 million GTA$ for playing before February 5th and another 1 million GTA$ by playing between February 6th and 12th. For RDO players, there’s free access to select roles, role item giveaways, and special bundles in the form of the Gunslinger’s Cache and Bounty Hunter’s Kit, which can be earned for playing between January 28th and February 3rd and February 4th through the 10th respectively.

The press release also promises further expansion for both games with new Frontier Pursuits in RDO and an open wheel racing series in GTAO. Details on all of that should be coming down the pike soon.

source: press release

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ichi sakari

two guys just sitting there, mindin their own business, when I ride up to the train station

suddenly a cougar spawns next to me and jumps on my neck, I brush it off and shoot it, go to skin it when another, then another pops in, faster and faster until I no longer have time to finish the last one off

so I try to run into the station, when magically a grizzly appears

to recap, I am meaner than several pumas, I am no match for a grizzly however, and RDRO is a steaming hot mess right now

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Giving away some free crap instead of fixing their games, way to go, Rockstar. GTA Online runs like shit, just like the good old days. And RDO is a fucking mess with a shit ton of bugs.