The Sorceress is now live in Black Desert Mobile


Live in Black Desert Mobile today is yet another class players on PC are plenty familiar with: The Sorceress.

“The Sorceress is a unique mix of magic and melee. Utilizing a variety of attacks and quick movements, while also protecting herself with dark magic, she is a master at controlling the battlefield. Armed with her Amulet and Talisman, her battle style can best be described as ‘hit & run.’ She is able to devastate enemies with her combination of dark sorcery and martial arts, while maneuvering around the battlefield at blinding speeds. […] The Sorceress’s skillset involves a mix of ranged and dodging attacks that allow her to land critical hits while avoiding damage. Adventurers can employ techniques like Phantom Crash to quickly dash forward and strike targets and Wrath of Chaos, a teleporting attack paired with an explosion of dark energy.”

Also new to the mobile version of the game this week is the Magical Residue enchantment system.

Don’t miss MOP’s Desert Oasis column from earlier today, where Carlo offered up a preview of the Guardian’s awakening on PC (which itself is set for next week), and our Choose My Adventure column from yesterday, where Chris examined the mobile title’s cash shop and found it surprisingly tame.

Source: Press release

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