World of Warcraft is encountering some major bugs on Macs following patch 8.3

And the workaround may surprise you, in a bad way

Shoulder touch.

So it turns out that ever since the arrival of patch 8.3, World of Warcraft players on Macs have had the potential to experience all sorts of new content, like system freezes, client crashes, and computer crashes. How fun! Of course, none of these things are supposed to be happening, with the consistent trouble being listed chiefly as simply “performance issues on various Mac systems.” No, it appears that the game is just struggling with crippling bugs that make the game unplayable for a lot of Mac users, with the official workaround response from GMs being to… install Windows on your machine.

As workarounds go, this one is pretty common; using Boot Camp and having a Windows install on a hard drive partition has long been the workaround for many games not offering Mac support. WoW, however, does theoretically offer Mac support, so being told that the new way to play the game after the patch is to install a new operating system and run that to play your game has understandably been met with a degree of consternation by the playerbase. Perhaps you can count “installing a new operating system” as a form of content?

Of course, these days it’s kind of a gigantic mess for getting any games running on Mac systems, since there have been a lot of issues with the system’s latest update.

Source: Official Site via Blizzard Watch; thanks to John for the tip!
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