Aion NA’s Return to Katalam update has launched with a massive 2000-person battleground

Aion’s North American branch is open for business with yesterday’s launch of Return of Katalam, already live in Europe since last fall. As we’ve previously noted, the region is returning now as Crimson Katalam, a 2000-person battleground, after having been removed from the game during the big Upheaval patch years ago. But the update also boasts a trio of instances (Benirunerk’s Estate, Minium Vault, and Qubrinerk’s Monster Cubic Lab), new bosses in Primeth’s Forge hardmode, the new tier of Stigma and Daevanion skills, and two PvP maps.

“Underground Training Center: The Underground Training Center is the ultimate fighting pit where you can jump into the fray to flex your aether-infused muscles against fellow Daevas. You’d better keep in mind the first and second rules of Underground Training Arena though…

“Genesis Arena: Create your own custom match in the Genesis Arena, a new instance where you can test out your skills along with up to 12 players. This new free-form arena is a playground, complete with customizable rules and settings, where your imagination is the limit. Stay tuned for more details on how to manage this custom match simulator.”

Outside of the NA region, however, players are already hyping 7.3.

Source: Patch notes
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is that 2000 players to 1 instance? that sounds kind of impressive. however, im skeptical the game has enough interested players to fill that up.


The first few years this game was out the PvP was all about groups – the standard 6 man group or raids. And it did that really well. At some point they decided to turn to more solo PvP with all these FFA arena type modes and that’s just really unfortunate. Especially for a game that did so well with tank, healer, and several true support roles – what are they supposed to do? Oh well, I left this game years ago but it’s sad to see it continue down that path.


Yeah the game was so much fun, when you walked outside of a new city for the first time only to be swarmed by 1000 players and lose AP points like you got killed by one person. The AP system was absolute trash and it turned more people away from PvP than anything I’ve seen in a game before. People with any decent amount of AP would just hide in the cities waiting on dredgion or sneak off to some PvE dungeons.