Blizzard’s Overwatch League matches in China are on hold for two months for the coronavirus

And chill.

For whatever other issues Blizzard is having right now, it can’t be said that the studio isn’t paying close attention to potential viral outbreaks when it comes to Overwatch esports. The company has officially cancelled upcoming Overwatch League events taking place in China during February and March, a slate of events which had previously included games in Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Foshan. The cancellations are officially postponements, however; rescheduled events will be announced at a later date.

While not stated by name, the schedule changes are a clear response to the coronavirus sweeping through China (chiefly in the Hubei province); readers will recall that League of Legends has also moved pro events around in response to the health crisis. Some Chinese Overwatch League teams have already been moved to South Korea for the duration, so it’s good to see owners and players taking precautions and being conscientious of health and safety.

Source: Twitter via Kotaku

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Jack Pipsam

On a side note, gotta’ love how China claims they’ve been able to grow the coronavirus in a lab in order to research it, but refuses to share it with anyone who might be able to help.

It’s a good thing we’ve been able to do it now, we’re actually willing to share to aim for a collective global response.

Hikari Kenzaki

Well, I mean.. of course they did.

What was the headline for the opposite course of action? “Blizzard sends thousands of gaming and esports professionals to participate in ensuring a virus outbreak becomes the Greatest Pandemic Ever!”