Hardcore MMORPG Astaria hits Steam early access today [Update: Nope, delayed again]


So here’s a funny coincidence: Astaria is launching today on Steam! And Astellia is also launching today on Steam! This couldn’t go wrong at all, no sir. This post, however, is about Astaria. It was meant to launch early access nearly a year ago, which is the last time we covered it, but it in the ensuing months it was clearly held back so the solo developer could flesh it out more. The game definitely evokes a hardcore and old-school design, with a major focus on group content.

“Astaria is a hardcore fantasy MMORPG with emphasis on social communities, crafting, party combat, territory capture and player vs. developer (PvD). The game’s hardcore aspects focus on difficulty, more weight behind combat, item loss (on death or breaking), logistics (food, bandages, ammo, reagents, durability) and the inability to grow too powerful. The story is developed based on how players unfold major events or defeat cataclysmic bosses.”

The formal launch is set for Q2 of 2021, so it’ll be in early access about a year from today. It is expected to be buy-to-play, with free content updates and expansions. “The game’s base price is all you need to play competitively,” the dev at PlayAstaria says. “You will never have to feel like you need to buy direct power/shortcuts.”

Source: Steam. Cheers, Kinya!
As several of our readers noted, while the Steam page still puts early access launch for today, messages tucked in the game’s Discord have indicated still more delays, potentially for many months.


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Tuor of Gondolin

Asts! Very dangerous! You go first.

Aaron Victoria

Haha I’ve been thinking all this time that this was the same as Astellia. I had that one on my Steam wishlist, and I was like, “Wait… Did it unrelease?” I’ve seen a few people talk about Astaria and I thought they mean Astellia, but was just misspelling it.


Got the same notification on discord apparently not launching today.


It’s actually been pushed back again. I’ve been following the development on Discord and this has happened a lot. Pick an early access date, then the day of or before, announce it’s being pushed back 2-4 weeks, then repeat.


It has been a trend with this game. However, the difference this time appears to be that you can go ahead and play the current build for free:

Wed, January 29, 2020
by Astaria
Astaria – Free Test before Early Access and Delays
“Hello all! I’ve tried my best to make it happen for Steam Early Access but we’re not at a stage I can comfortably release into EA.

With that being said, there’s some of you who wonder about Astaria in its current stage. Instead of wondering, you’re welcome to come and just try it out yourself in our public test server. This server has about 1/3rd the content the development server has at the moment. As the days come by, I’ll be releasing more and more content to test.

This is all for free. You don’t need to buy the game or anything to test. You can either request a test key from a discord moderator or myself. Or you can download our non steam client linked on our discord channel.”


I realize the tone of my post may have been overly critical, which was not my intent. I’m actually rather impressed with it all for a one-man project, and he seems like a pretty level-headed guy. It’s a rough-around-the-edges niche game, and they’ve been honest about that from the start. With some other indie passion projects, the devs seem to get a little crazy about defending their game as the greatest thing ever.