Star Citizen talks to its producers and shows off concept art of the Orison landing zone


I’ll be honest, this week’s Inside Star Citizen was not the kind of episode I tend to prefer, with less information about development progress and more about certain jobs and roles. That said, the jobs and roles Cloud Imperium did take a look at — specifically, a chat with several producers and one of the game’s concept artists — was rather enlightening, and the concept art segment did grant a look at some fashionable looks and the “cloud city” aesthetic of a new landing zone. And I’m all about game avatar fashion, folks.

The producer segment basically did its best to put faces to several of Star Citizen’s producers while offering a general summary of what they do, which was mostly referencing herding kittens. It does go into more specifics than that, though, outlining what each producer’s team is responsible for and their overall allotment of tasks.

The concept artist segment brought lead concept artist Jeremiah Lee on to talk about the process of pulling the nebulous vision of something into a tangible piece of concept art. The focus was on Orison, the developing landing zone of Crusader, specifically creating the general aesthetic of the denizens of the area which was described at one point as “the colonial times mixed in with the ’50s before the Beatles.” The showcase also did something that’s not often done in showing off designs that hit the cutting room floor.

Again, not a particularly revelatory digest, but an interesting one for those who love behind-the-scenes footage, and at least a quick nod that Crusader’s landing zone is in development. Check the full video below for more.

source: YouTube

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It seems crazy that concept art is still a thing 7 years after the kickstarter. If it was for an expansion I could get it but this is for the initial game

Tee Parsley

If your concepts include almost everything, your concept artists will always be busy.

Next up, Sandworms and Sandpeople!

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This is all 1 system there’s another 100 to go how exactly would you NOT keep creating concept art for the different groups/cultures?


I was about to post this.