Tree of Savior outlines dates and details for new high-speed leveling servers

Yes, very historical.

There are a whole lot of levels to earn in Tree of Savior — 420 of them to be exact — which understandably might sound like a daunting feat. The devs at IMCGames are looking to make that easier, however, with the arrival of New Growth Support Servers, which are the new servers that were previously hinted at.

Four new servers — one for each region — will be open starting on Tuesday, February 11th, until Tuesday, May 12th. Players who enter these servers will enjoy 300% XP earnings, a +300 loot drop chance, 20% Ichor Extraction bonus, 50% lower costs for enhancement and transcendence, 10 times the Blessed Shards from the Hunting Ground mission, Unique Raid Cost fixed to one Unique Raid Portal Stone, and a special reward for hitting max level on one character per team.

Those who want to pre-register for these New Growth servers can do so here and even get a variety of goodies for it. Players have between now and Tuesday, February 11th, to pre-register. There’s also an FAQ with some more details.


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Bruno Brito

By the way, the core community of ToS dislikes this idea greatly.


Might have to give this a go. I like the class system in the game but don’t have the time to make all the alts I’d like.

Castagere Shaikura

They should also fix the crappy server lag the other servers have too. The last time I played it was crap. Maybe let the player transfer characters to the new ones if they are better. The last thing anyone wants to do is start over if you have a high-level character.

agemyth 😩
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agemyth 😩

Its a lot harder to fix your leveling mechanics than it is to just officially powerlevel folks through the outdated content, I guess.

I get that some devs can’t afford to remake their low level content every few years, but games with solutions like this (BDO) make me appreciate when a game gets to revamp its mid-game content that much more.