Star Trek Online elects to sell new hero variant ships in a bundle and not individually


The ongoing 10th anniversary of Star Trek Online has not been without some player grumbling controversies. First, it was the end of the Omega materials trade in the Omega Event, and now it’s the decision to sell heroic starship variants in a bundle. And only a bundle. Not individually.

The bundle in question offers up 10 ships from the history of Star Trek, each with unique stats and skins as well as the original costumes, costumes, and traits of their original releases. There are two bundles on offer, with a standard edition for 30,000 Zen and a premium edition that adds in Master Keys, Infinity R&D Packs, 10,000 Dilithium Ore, and a bunch of other materials and goodies for 45,000 Zen.

The issue, as alluded to in the lede, is that Cryptic has elected to buck the trend of selling these variant ships individually on the store and stuff them into this bundle exclusively. At least, for now: Community manager Ambassador Kael said during a developr livestream that the devs “have plans for the future,” but don’t have a solid timeline for whatever those plans may be. “I wouldn’t wait, because the bundle’s only going to be available for a limited time,” said Kael in the stream “If you want these ships, I don’t think you should wait for a mythical time when they’re all going to be available one at a time.”

And then he counted down to when his statement would be on Reddit. The man knows.

sources: official site, Twitch via Reddit, cheers Panagiotis and CapnLan!
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