Closers adds its new Team Challenges for weekly rewards

Baby pull me closers

Ah yes, teamwork. That’s the focus for the new Team Challenges in Closers in the broad strokes. Each week, there are specific challenges added for individual teams of characters, like the Black Lambs or the Wolf Dogs, and players will need to take on that challenge to earn points toward reward, ranking, and crafting materials along the way. Simple enough, isn’t it?

The complication comes in with the fact that you can only play any given character once each week, which means that completing the challenges with individual characters also means figuring out which characters are best suited to a mission. And if a later mission is better suited to that character, well… too bad. So you’ll need to rotate your characters, practice, and take on a more diverse set of tasks. Combine that with a playtime event rewarding you for logging in and you should have some new motivation to diversify your play a bit.


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