Destiny 2 elaborates on the Empyrean Foundation quest and shows off Twitch Prime goodies


Bungie’s weekly update post is once more chock full of information, and this week it’s focused on the next major quest due for the game, which was part of some datamined reveals discovered by the community earlier in the week.

The Empyrean Foundation will be a joint effort among players of Destiny 2, tasking them with donating Fractaline to the Tower Obelisk in order to build a beacon “for things to come next Season.” This beacon is upgraded over the course of seven stages, each unlocked after a certain amount of Fractaline is provided by the community.

Of course, this isn’t a reward-free endeavor, as players will get unique shaders for every stage that’s opened, along with a 25% flat progression for all Timelost weapon bounties, Polarized Fractaline from the Tower Obelisk to collect each week, and a unique emblem and Triumph for those who contribute up to 5,000 pieces of Polarized Fractaline to the effort. All players are welcome to join in whether they have a season pass or not.

The weekly update also offered a look at some of the Twitch Prime drops that players can rake in, with six monthly drops of four rewards arriving to Amazon Prime subscribers. The first drop, which includes the SUROS Regime Auto Rifle, the Coup de Main Ornament, the Skyline Flipside Exotic Ghost Shell, and the unsecured/OUTCRY Exotic ship, is available now until February 25th.

The post also outlined merch giveaways including signed collector’s editions of Shadowkeep, the pre-order of a “Guardians for Australia” t-shirt with half of the proceeds being donated to the NSW Rural Fire Service, details on a 2.7.1 rollback that had to be done in order to stop players from missing currencies and infusion materials, and the usual community spotlight. In other words, there’s plenty to read through.

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