Legends of Runeterra promises monthly updates, new modes, and fewer ‘trash cards’


Riot Games’ shiny new digital CCG Legends of Runeterra has high hopes for itself. Executive producer Jeff Jew elaborated on a number of plans for the game in an interview, which promises to deliver a steady monthly update cadence, new play modes, and a broad variety of competitively viable cards.

Jew has stated that Runeterra is “committed to a monthly cadence,” with updates through open beta to keep the game fresh and react to player feedback, the launch of the game’s mobile edition later in the year, and additional card sets. The open beta updates will be mostly focused on balancing, but Jew promises some “creative” additions once the game goes into launch mode.

On the subject of creative additions, the devs are working on game modes that will make players’ card collections matter. Specifics on what these modes are were not provided, but the plan is to ensure players get to use their cards in new ways and make Runeterra feel fresh.

The interview also went into depth about the game’s plans for its meta, with the rather ambitious plan to ensure that every set of cards has ten viable decks. Whether or not the team will make that happen is not really fully committed to by Jew, but he does believe that the aspiration will help the devs keep the meta fluid.

“My hope is that by lowering the number of trash cards and getting win rates between different regions that feel good, players will feel like they just need to try a different combination. And if the meta is actually stale and three decks have high win rates or one card has a 100 percent play rate, they’ll have confidence that we’ll do something about it.”

source: PC Gamer

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You know the industry is completey out of ideas when they are attempting to rehash a genre that peaked five years ago.