PSA: Grand Theft Auto Online is handing out 2 million in in-game cash for the next two weeks

Cash rules everything around me.

Just in case you missed the initial announcement, consider this your friendly reminder that Grand Theft Auto Online is making it rain GTA$ this week and next week as a thank-you to players for Rockstar’s holiday season boom. That’s a total of $2 million in in-game cash that’s being left on the table if you don’t act.

All that’s required is to play GTAO between now and February 5th for the first million and between February 6th and 13th for the second million. The funds will be deposited into your character’s Maze bank account within 72 hours of playing. That’s really all there is to it.

As a reminder, this is part of Rockstar Games’ way of thanking players of both GTAO and Red Dead Online for being so active in the respective online worlds this past holiday season, which reportedly broke records for the publisher/developer. Which is nice and all, sure, but it’s mostly of interest to players who like free in-game money.


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Thanks for the PSA!