The Daily Grind: Have you ever gotten a refund for an MMORPG?

It's not quite so much of a model after all.

As I type this, the discussion thread on the Camelot Unchained piece from Friday is nearing 400 comments, a hefty proportion of which center on refunds for the game. During the conversation, it became clear that while most backers are indeed entitled to refunds within 90 days of requesting one if they can show their digital receipt, there is one tier that isn’t eligible for refunds, and that’s causing a lot of fuss. Maybe it shouldn’t, given that most Kickstarter games never give refunds at all, but it was one of the selling points for Camelot Unchained and generated so much credibility for the game’s development.

Maybe that policy will change at some point, and we’ve certainly asked the studio for clarification on its rationale there, but in the meantime, we want to talk about refunds in general, as there are still a couple of titles that grant them, especially on Steam. Just last week, we saw concerns over the way Astellia Online’s Steam rollout was being handled, as packages were set up as non-refundable DLC.

It’s seldom I ask for a refund, but I remember getting one when John Smedley’s Hero’s Song went belly up. Have you ever asked for or received a refund for an MMORPG? What was the game, why did you ask for a refund, and did you get it?

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Kross Vilalobos

Not sure if it counts but, I refunded original Fortnite when I saw it got relabeled to “save the world” and all the attention and funds got put into the side project which caused it to be jammed into the bottom of a hamper to die slowly.


My one and only refund was Bless because I couldnt play it… I had lot of stuttering, fps drops. I tried all solutions from forums and edited some files (which I shouldnt have to btw) but still no good result.

Dani Reasor
Dani Reasor

ArenaNet gave me a refund for my purchase of Guild Wars 2 with no hassle. This was in 2012, when the game was new.

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Paragon Lost

Yes, ArcheAge. I think we all know why I asked for one in that case. :) I got it too, pretty quickly.

Castagere Shaikura

No, but I wish I had. Bought DCUO at launch thinking it was a made for a PC superhero game to find out the controls were really for the PS3 and hated how it played. I remember being so mad about it.


Yep, I got one from a Smedley game too. Star War Galaxies Mustafar expansion. Asked for it because the week after it launched they released the NGE which killed a bunch of what was in it and the game in general.


I’ve been tempted, especially by Star Citizen. But, I only got the starter ship back in the Kickstarter. So, it’s not like I’m out a lot of money if the game never gets out of Alpha.

My experience with Star Citizen is why I never drop money on games that are doing crowdfunding or early access. Fooled once, won’t get fooled again.
I MIGHT buy the game, once it’s done, but never before that.

Kickstarter Donor

Many times, and I can tell you one thing they all have in common.. they HATE giving them lol

The amount of companies I have had to explain the laws regarding consumer rights and refunds to after they try to refuse refunds is ridiculous..

So many of these companies are under the delusion that company policy is more relevant and enforceable than actual law and hope their consumers are ignorant of that fact that company policy means sh*t (circumstantially) so they can bully them into not getting refunds when they are entitled to them (again, circumstantially of course) is ridiculous.

But yes there have been quite a few MMO’s I got refunds on after discovering their games were not as advertised by ANY means, but they were all retail purchases wither via physical store or an online store..

I haven’t had cause to get a refund from a kickstarter, nor would I attempt to risk is part of the equation, entitlement to refunds where crowdfunding are concerned are not as simple as typical commerical transactions, indeed with most crowdfunding you are not entitled to refunds AT ALL.. whether or not a projects company offers them in order to retain good will is entirely their choice, some do some don’t.


The only instance where i attempted to refund an MMO was for Bless Online. It was clear within the first few hours that the game was a hot mess. After being clearly unoptimized to the max and crashing ever more consistently, i attempted to refund and was greeted with a friendly “no” because i redeemed some in-game pre-order items which made the game nonrefundable.

I wasn’t even mad – i learned an important lesson that day..

Robert Mann

No. I have never paid into an MMO and required a refund for what I have spent.

I also tend to avoid Kickstarter given problems with getting them to even try to charge for things, and the frustration of that combined with EU laws effectively destroying online credit systems that were the best workaround left given how prepaid cards have become asinine with anything online. XD