Wurm Online is officially ending the player-run RMT market in March


For a number of years, Wurm Online has allowed players to transform in-game assets and silver into real-world profit through an RMT system, and while this system created its own set of issues, it also made the game’s economy unique and was so ingrained in its fabric that the devs were loath to do anything about it. However, with the decision to bring the MMORPG to Steam and the requirement that RMT cannot be allowed in order to do so, the devs have ultimately decided to end the real money trade entirely starting on March 1st.

This decision has also a couple of other consequences for players who utilize Traders or sell and trade accounts. Account trades will no longer be possible for either real money or in-game silver, and shared accounts will only be allowed with those in a player’s household but not among multiple people at distance. As for Traders, they will no longer pay out silver earned from the kingdom coffers or give a portion of sales back, and they will no longer be able to operate on land without a deed. There are some other adjustments to the Wurm Online in the form of new prices for buying silver and premium time.

In the end, these changes will bring benefits such as the ability for Steam players and regular Wurm Online players to play together. It also, of course, helps address several of those issues the RMT market introduced to begin with. To that point, anyone who’s still using the official forums for their RMT ends will face moderation and other punishments like account suspension after March 1st.

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