Black Desert Mobile opens the five-player Field of Valor PvM instance for a limited time


It’s just you and four other stout screen smushers versus a horde of nasty beasties. It’s the Field of Valor and it’s available in Black Desert Mobile, but only for a limited time. Guess one has to wait for more Valor to grow before you can harvest the Field again.

Actually, harvesting the field is pretty appropriate given the instance’s objective: Spend Tokens of Valor earned from login rewards or as a rare drop to open the instance, and take 30 minutes to join up with friends or guildmates for a bit of survival against a variety of different monsters. The reaping comes in the form rewards that are shared among the party like weapons, armor, gold coins, Dark Energy, and large amounts of silver. Also it’s just fun to cleave through a bunch of enemies in this game. The Field of Valor will only be available for one week, though, so make sure to find some time for a harvest.

In addition to this new limited-time instance, there’s a special event running between now and BDO Mobile’s next update involving Shakatu’s Shop, which is a unique storefront that rewards gear for Ancient Coins. The level of gear at this shop is usually random, but during this event players can enjoy an improved chance of getting high-quality equipment, so if you’ve been sitting on those Ancient Coins, now seems a good time to cash them in.

source: press release
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