Blizzard despawns N’zoth across all WoW NA servers due to an encounter glitch


Good day, everyone. The race to Mythic world first over in World of Warcraft has taken an almost comical turn in the wake of Blizzard opting to despawn N’zoth across every North American server at once in response to an ability not firing correctly. Essentially, the guild attempting to fight him opted to completely ignore a mechanic and simply keep doing damage due to increased boss vulnerability, with room-wide damage that healers could easily heal through. As a result, rather than letting this continue unabated, Blizzard…


A voice sounds in your mind, like a splinter in your thoughts: “This blathering is meaningless. There are no bugs. You seek the polish where it no longer exists. The refinement will not abate. You will see attention paid to a personal feud between two teams of one score each and the ignorance heaped upon the masses. Look! It is here for you. The end. Your end. This momentary trifle is but a setback. I am reborn and I am eternal.

Source: Wowhead via Reddit
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