Choose My Adventure: Falling in love with the Lahn in Black Desert


As much as I was hoping for some time with the Guardian that I pre-made ahead of the class’ arrival, the Choose My Adventure voting public’s will be done, and that will is to take up the Lahn class. Honestly, though, I think your collective wisdom is merited here, because holy crap is the Lahn fun.

I should perhaps set the scene for my previous experiences with Black Desert, this month’s chosen game, before I go too much further. I’ve tried to hop into this game a number of times, having purchased it during one of its many moments it went on sale. Every time I’ve tried this game, I’ve always bounced off of it, due to either having a potato machine or not finding the gameplay compelling to not really giving a toss about the story it was trying to tell; I was basically being told to care about a demonic fart cloud with horse teeth. That’s… asking a lot.

Time away has healed up at least a few of those divides, though. I still am not finding anything compelling about Chompy McCloud, but my machine (and, presumably, the Remastered update) has improved things in terms of game performance, and the Lahn class has begun to endear itself to me.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I started making my Lahn. All I knew for sure is that she appeared to be a kung fu artist of some sort who dislikes wearing pants. On those fronts I don’t appear to be wrong, but the style of kung fu that the Lahn uses is incredibly engrossing.

I’m not sure what the weapon the Lahn uses, but it’s effectively a slicing blade on the end of a length of silk. She, effectively, is swinging around a weaponized belt buckle. I know a few guys from one of the high schools I went to who would kill to be able to do that. This basically means that most of her attacks involve long, sweeping arcs, huge circular slashes, or strong, arcing whips in a straight line or vertically. It also means that she’s constantly in motion like this sort of stylish, dancing dervish of death.

She’s karate Simon Belmont. She’s lady Kratos. She’s also the kind of combat class I didn’t know I needed. At last, there’s a compelling kung fu artist class and a class that uses a flail or whip-type weapon. I don’t know that any of you can truly appreciate how long I’ve been waiting for something like the Lahn.

Of course, most of that wouldn’t really matter if the actual act of using my cloth whip on some fools wasn’t fun to do, and holy goodness is this fun to do. I don’t recall the combat of BDO being this satisfying, but this really is one of the most fluid action combat models I’ve seen in an MMO.

Most of that is probably attributed to the general flow and sense of motion of the Lahn, but I also think a great deal of that is linked to the way combat controls work. It’s not quite hotbar-based so much as a series of combination button presses, either using left and right clicks, the F key, and the Q key in combination with movement keys or shift keys. I’m pretty sure you can drop skills into hotbars and push buttons in classic MMO style, but I am having way more fun using button press combos.

The way BDO fighting works feels less like an MMO and more like a fighting game. I’m actually looking at skills as openers, linkers, and closers. I’m considering what buttons to press in order to create combo paths and having fun finding which ones are best. I’m keeping an eye on animation timing to appreciate when would be the right time to hit my next buttons. I’m not learning a class so much as learning a character.

I’m also entirely possibly overthinking things here, but this is what’s fun for me right now.

Considering the game’s story is not fun, I’ll take whatever enjoyment I can get. I’m maybe being led along by the nose here, in my defense; leveling in BDO feels lightning quick, and the game has auto-pathing from objective to objective for an extremely on-the-rails feel. This would be a complaint in other games, but so far in BDO’s case, this is a boon, as it gets me to the next series of fights and the next few moments I can get to learn more of what my pretty little Lahn can do.

I took a moment to consult with Carlo, our resident Black Desert columnist (check out his awesome Desert Oasis write-ups if you already haven’t), and it would seem that it’s not too early to plan for the future in terms of what I’m going to do next, so that’s the subject of this week’s poll: to Succession or to Awaken.

I might be counting my chickens before they hatch here, but I was assured that progression should continue to be simple. I’m going to continue to blitz through the levels and get more acclimated to the attacks that are at my disposal. I just need to knuckle down and focus. Which, really, I don’t think is going to be a problem because hot damn is the Lahn just silky to play and watch.

Basically, I want to do more twirly, whippy, spinny moves. I don’t want to lose my flail. I love my flail, but if the Awakening is better by leaps and bounds, then I bow to the already demonstrated wisdom of you fine folks. So, what do I do next?

Should my Lahn Awaken or follow Succession?

  • Awaken. Be even more like Lady Kratos. (55%, 47 Votes)
  • Succession. Stick to the weaponized belt buckle. (45%, 39 Votes)

Total Voters: 86

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As per usual, polling is going to wrap up at 1:00 p.m. EST this coming Friday, February 7th. In the meantime, I’ve got more paths to automatically follow along and more groups of baddies just standing around minding their own business to carve through. I can’t wait to continue stylishly whipping faces with a pretty fashion accessory.

Welcome to Choose My Adventure, the column in which you join Chris each week as he journeys through mystical lands on fantastic adventures – and you get to decide his fate. Which is good because he can often be a pretty indecisive person unless he’s ordering a burger.

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Mia DeSanzo

This reminds me that I haven’t played my Lahn in a while. That’s a shame. It is a fun class for me. I am probably spread too thin across my total number of characters.

I have only done the awakening with one character, a Maehwa, and I didn’t care for the spear that came along with that.


While I tend to enjoy combat in BDO, some classes just “flow” better for me than others. I’m not min-maxy enough to drill down into memorizing combos, but some classes I can… intuit? the moves – they feel natural as I’m moving and fighting. Others? I just can’t grok getting them to feel as fluid.

The point of that ramble is that the Awakenings change up the classes. If you’re delighted by the Lahn’s combat feel, stick with it. Sure, you can give the Awakening a go – but it’ll be a different feel. Same with a class whose pre-Awakening weapon didn’t feel great, the Awakening might be perfect. The Sorceress for me was that way – I wasn’t feeling the stock attacks, but the Scythe is just fun. Some of them “work” for me with both skillsets.

You can use the skill-reset thingies that you can get from events/awards etc. to change your mind if you end up wanting to go with Succession attacks instead of Awakening, and you can keep on using the regular weapon with Awakening – it’s not going to be “optimal”, but for the vast majority of BDO PvE you don’t need “optimal.”

But if you’ve got a gameplay feel you’re delighted with, then be sure you don’t abandon it because the Awakening (or Succession) is “better” – point is to have fun, and if you’re having fun keep on swooping and slicing. :)

Hikari Kenzaki

First, this is exactly what I was talking about last week. If you just play one or two classes before giving up on BDO, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Because the classes play so differently, you may not stumble upon the character for you until your 3rd or 4th run.

Second, some classes rely on the hot bar more than others. The Ranger has several tasks that are pretty difficult to get the combinations right without them, but the Mystic, Guardian, Lahn and several others are almost entirely combo mashing. And not using your hotbar is more efficient and often improves reaction time. So, you’re right on the money there.

As for Awakening/Succession, it depends on how fast you’re going to level. As Arktouros pointed out, Lahn Succession is only just now on the KR test server (And Carlo probably should have told you that). It’ll be a bit before it makes its way to NA Live. And if it will be a while before you hit level 56, I’d not worry about it either way.

Finally, you shouldn’t care about the evil ball of teeth… it’s the bad guy! The only reason you’re doing anything it says is that you’re compelled by some bargain you made with it in the past (or so it says). The story actually gets quite good as you go deeper into it (and leaps and bounds better than it was before).

Toy Clown

I love Lahn! She’s my favorite class in BDO and my main. She’s awesome to explore with, has high sustainability in Awakening, and after having played Witch for a few years prior, it was refreshing to play a class with decent pre-sets that were easy to work with.

I hope you have fun! Definitely go for Awakening! I’m curious to see how Succession plays out, but the playstyle is quite different, for sure.


This should fun to watch!

blah blazh

Awaken is not as unique as the pre-awakening gameplay but it does more damage and has some nice sustain. From what I’ve seen of Lahn’s succession, it ramps up the damage significantly but you lose the health on hit skills and I believe you lose the grab. But it is still on their test server so things may change. I say go with the awakening for now.


Lahn Succession isn’t in the game, you should take this time and opportunity to give the Awakening a try instead and then when succession comes out later do the quest and give it a try (it comes with a free respec thing for 24 hours to give you a chance to try it out).

You’re not really over thinking the combat, a lot of “skill” game play is using your moves in a manner that maximizes damage and defense. For example using a knockdown/bound attack to put something on the ground, and then use an attack with down attack that does extra damage to things on the ground. Using a move that spins the targets around so they give your back, then landing back attacks on them. Some areas things are immune to knockdown but more vulnerable to other types of CC such as Stiffen, Stun and Float. From 1-50 depending on your gear you don’t really need to worry about such things, but as time goes on and you reach opponents you no longer just ridiculously out level/gear it becomes more important.

Everything in BDO is it’s own form of progression. Even doing quests/story is largely done as your investment into the game world. This makes sense because you are learning about the world, taking part in the world, and thus you earn Contribution to invest into the world. But if it’s not enjoyable don’t do it, there are other ways to earn contribution such as cooking/alchemy and turning in byproduct materials or getting fishing byproducts and turning those in (very slow).

So if you’re happy just running out and flailing around keep it up. No real wrong way to play a game like BDO.