Dual Universe offers a look at the new global 3-D navigation feature coming in alpha 3


Yep, it’s another alpha 3 preview from Dual Universe! This time, it’s a peek at the global 3-D navigation feature, which isn’t exactly a mind-blowing feature in the grand scheme of everything else the new build has, but it will certainly be helpful in flying through the space sandbox.

The 3-D navigation feature is only in its first stage right now, but it will allow players to keep track of where some pretty important things are as they explore the world, such as individual players, objective destinations, dynamic core units, and static/space core units. Opening this feature is a simple matter of hitting the V key, which coats your screen in all sorts of fun icons. Each icon can provide further contextual information when they’re moused over. Additionally, the system lets players create waypoints and share them with others in order to coordinate navigation. Again, not exactly a barn burner of a feature, but it’s most assuredly useful.


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Ardra Ventax

haven’t played it, but i keep thinking “this might be THE game…”


There does seem to be some good design and thought process going into this game. Being able to bookmark waypoints and share them with other players will be really useful.


Yeah not skipping QoL stuff like that just because it’s EA is a good sign.


Ohhhh. EA as in early access. Having just read the Anthem article, I took that as Electronic Arts for a second…