Starbase shares a bevy of images and videos showing off planetary surfaces

Starbase shares a bevy of images and videos showing off planetary surfaces

Now that the big feature of planetary and moon surfaces has been revealed by Starbase, the devs are eager to share some of the progress on their work, which is offered by way of some new images and videos as well as a new series of progress notes.

The gallery in question is a collection of images taken over the course of various different weeks and so they might not represent the most recent progress to Starbase’s development. That said, they are all fantastically pretty, showcasing several shots from a moon’s surface, at least one at distance, and additional shots of the impressive-looking neon city that was part of the 2020 features trailer.

On the progress notes side of things, there’s the usual cornucopia of updates including skyscraper modules for stations to minimize the needed module and instance amount, an update to the builder tool that lets it restore object armor/environment damage as well as voxel damage, and some videos that show off new visual effects and some creative jury rigging to get a stalled spacecraft flying again. All of which is nice, sure, but you’re here for the pretty pictures, which we’ve collected below.

source: official forums (1, 2)

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Definitely looks pretty. But, how it will play remains to be seen.


Yeah I’m not really sure as to how this game is different from Space Engineers.


The games from this genre that I’ve played (ARK, Space Engineers, etc.) have been notorious for janky optimization which takes a backseat to feature expansion. This only exacerbates the problem over time until the developers inevitably move on to the next project.