Leaderboard: Four months after the Blitzchung Hong Kong mess, are you still boycotting Blizzard?


MOP reader Pepperzine recently dropped us an email about Blizzard that we’ve put off until today very intentionally. Why? Because tomorrow, Activision-Blizzard releases its Q4 2019 financial results. Obviously, Blizzard’s January disasters won’t show up in the report, which covers the period ending December 31st, though we expect analysts to ask about that. But we also have no idea whether any of the company’s autumn trainwrecks will be reflected in the report. My guess is probably not, given the way the reports (and dopey analyst questions) are structured to obscure such things and the slump Blizzard’s games were already suffering. Plus, the world has already moved on to Blizzard’s more recent bungles. But who knows?

Anyhow, Pepperzine wanted us to follow up on our piece about the boycotts from October 17th, a few weeks before the now-infamous J. Allen Brack nonpology. At the time, 38% of our readers said they were boycotting Blizzard, 23% were not, and 30% had already sworn off Blizzard games anyway.

“I think it would be interesting to get a poll of where people currently stand when it comes to the boycott of their products that originated from the backlash of their handling of the Hong Kong Debacle,” Pepperzine wrote. We agree. So let’s do it.

Leaderboard: Are you still boycotting Blizzard?

  • I was never boycotting Blizzard (19%, 93 Votes)
  • I was boycotting Blizzard but no longer am (1%, 7 Votes)
  • I am boycotting certain Blizzard products but not all (2%, 9 Votes)
  • I am playing Blizzard games but specifically withholding more money (not buying subs or packs) (9%, 43 Votes)
  • I am still boycotting Blizzard because of the Blitzchung incident (31%, 152 Votes)
  • I am boycotting Blizzard, but for other reasons, not Blitzchung (14%, 70 Votes)
  • I am not playing Blizzard games, but not because of the boycott (20%, 97 Votes)
  • Something else (tell us in the comments) (1%, 7 Votes)
  • No response / view tally / Mei butts (Pepperzine made me do it :P) (3%, 13 Votes)

Total Voters: 491

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The Blitzchung incident was, for me, more like “the final straw”.

Blizzard as a company had been annoying me for a while with their “give us your money and then f#ck off, peasants” attitude.

The Blitzchung incident was just the thing where I hit my personal limit. The company’s botching of the whole thing, and then their “non-pology” when the general furor rose too high to ignore.

My first girlfriend was from Hong Kong, and I care what happens to her, her family, and her nation. In a more-general sense, I simply don’t want to see Hong Kong surreptitiously annexed by Xi Jinping’s infamous “One China” initiative — in direct violation of the international accords signed with Britain during the change-over, I might add.

So, Blizzard continues to get no new money from me — not because I think anyone cares about the loss of my money over there, but because sometimes you have to express your disagreement in the only ways you have available.


This is pretty similar to me. I haven’t played WoW since January 2019 all the Blitzchung incident did was push me to uninstall their games from my system and make it very unlikely they will ever see more money from me.

Then Warcraft 3 Reforged happened and confirmed that, in my eyes, Blizzard Entertainment is well and truly dead. It’s Activision Blizzard now in every sense of the phrase.

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Jack Pipsam

My boycott remains active. I haven’t resubbed to Classic as much as that hurts.

Jim Bergevin Jr

I started boycotting because of “the Incident” piled on top of their other gaffes and missteps.

I’m still not playing any Blizzard game right now, simply because my time is occupied by other games. However, I do plan on getting back into Overwatch and HotS eventually.

They’re still not getting any money from me though. I have not nor do I plan on renewing my WoW sub any time soon. I figure using up my small portion of their server space for free is just as good as a complete boycott.

Jack Kerras

Still boycotting.

Not because of The Blitzchung Incident, necessarily.

I did it because of the company’s response to the incident. I understand what they did; they’re corporate owned! But here’s the deal:

Heads should have rolled. Resignations should have been immediate and widespread. That walkout should have been another, and another, and another, and they should have gotten bigger and bigger until the fucking company couldn’t stand under the weight of the thing. Strikes should have ensued. Demands for heads to roll should have happened. Scabs should have seen the air let out of their tires.

I had respect for Blizzard-the-entity once.

It still has people I respect working at it – the artists, the designers, the people who didn’t have anything to do with this benighted, fascist-friendly, utterly un-American decision.

…but here’s the deal: those are poor people. Yeah, even the ones who make way more than you and I do. You can tell they’re poor people because they’re the ones who take the damage when something goes wrong, and because none of them can afford to leave their (lucrative, dream-)jobs when their bosses do something horrible. That’s how you can tell they’re ablative armor for other, more ‘important’ people.

Fuck those ‘important’ people.

They’re made of meat.

They have fucking addresses.

If they want to slap on some hobnailed boots and jump on ‘unimportant’ people’s necks alongside of the rest of the fascist, anti-human, powermongering pieces-of-shit who make things like these happen, then I hope without reservation that they live to see what ‘unimportant’ people do when they’re done with that shit.

It doesn’t hurt that they appear to have forgotten what makes a quality game. Oh wait, no: the problem is that they had new C-suites installed, and those new C-suites make vicious cuts for anyone who doesn’t make things worth astronomical profits, even at the detriment of the future of their company.

It’s all over for these folks. They’re on the way out; they’ve sold up as much of their past as folks are gonna buy, and a Hell of a lot of their future, too.

Fuck corporate America and everything it entails. Yes, that includes super-available, cheap ‘luxuries’ and fast shipping: that shit is hurting us.

Fuck the whole process of plundering joy and connection for money, and hollowing it out in the process.

Fuck Blizzard, and if you’re still supporting them, have no doubt that it reflects on you.


I quit playing World of Warcraft when they tried to force Real ID on everyone. I quit playing any Blizzard games when they demanded I choose a “Battle Tag” to even use the launcher to play Starcraft 2.

At this point they can do whatever they want, because it won’t make any difference to me. If I wanted a “social networking platform” I would actually have a Facebook account. I didn’t play Starcraft 2 to “share this online!” I played it because I wanted to build my little Sim-Zerg base and nom some computer controlled Terrans as I strip mined the map and tried to cover every flat surface in Creep. Battle.Tag felt like “Real ID – take two!” And it can get stuffed, just like the first version.

I wouldn’t even care, except that I actually liked playing Starcraft 2 and I’m still mildly resentful that I can’t play it anymore.

Rodrigo Dias Costa

Before October, I was going to day-1 purchase WC3:R, maybe even pre-order. Lucky me I’ve started boycotting them and didn’t burn my money on that.

Technically I’ve suspended the boycott this week… only to check if I’ve really lost the ability to play the old version of WC3. That being confirmed, I’ve resumed boycott with another reason added to it.

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Blizzard doesn’t have anything in their portfolio I’m interested in right now, so not playing Blizzard games is something that just happens.


Not boycotting, but between Blizzard drifting away from the kinds of games I enjoy, and my lack of trust in their capability to make enjoyable games even when they do make a game of a kind I usually enjoy, I’m not only not currently playing anything from them but also I would need extensive positive reviews highlighting game elements I’ll enjoy before I even bother trying a new game from them.


Well… mine is sort of a natural boycott.

I didn’t have to do anything different really as I had already gravitated away from Blizz games even before the #dowehavephones debacle.

BUT, I’m a huge fan of old Blizz and WC3 is near and dear to my heart for example. So, my boycott continues.

Jeremy Barnes

I can’t boycott them for blitzchung if I’m already boycotting them because they make crap now