The Elder Scrolls Online previews Harrowstorm DLC’s Icereach dungeon


Frigid weather, an island of monsters, and a coven of witches trying to complete a terrible ritual. The Icereach dungeon coming to The Elder Scrolls Online doesn’t exactly sound like a hospitable place, but then again, players of the Harrowstorm DLC aren’t looking for hospitality; they’re looking to stop some dirty deeds and get that shiny loot.

In Icereach, players are called to the Sea of Ghosts to join with Lyris Titanborn (yep, she’s back!) to find a lost expedition and investigate mysterious storms that are plaguing the area. Of course, it’s all tied to the Icereach Coven of witches, who will feature as the boss fights in the encounter along with an ally each sister provides. It ultimately culminates in a final fight with the sisters of the coven and their leader, Mother Ciannait.

Naturally, there’s plenty of goodies for those who clear through the dungeon including four new gear sets, collectibles, dyes, and furnishings among other rewards. For those who clear Icereach on Veteran difficulty, there’s a unique outfit style in the form of Lyris’ Icereach Battle Axe.

Icereach is one of two dungeons that will come with the Harrowstorm DLC, which kicks off the year-long Dark Heart of Skyrim content updates. Harrowstorm is set to land on PC and Mac on February 24th and on console on March 10th.

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