EVE Online is having connection issues that the developers are struggling to solve

Bless this hot mess.

It’s hard to connect with EVE Online at this point. Not in a metaphorical sense, but in a very literal and actual sense of connecting to the Tranquility server. The development team is aware of this and is working to fix it, having made some recent improvements that should hopefully help the issue, but even in the initial post there’s also open acknowledgement that the issue has not yet been completely fixed and remains… well, an issue.

Players are encouraged to leave reports about connection trouble even as the team keeps investigating what might be causing the issues and how they can be fixed. It’s no doubt frustrating to be stymied from playing based on connection trouble, but at least a large number of players are both acknowledging that these problems are difficult to fix and noting that the improvements have made things better. Hopefully these particular issues are solved sooner rather than later.


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Techno Wizard
Techno Wizard

Star Citizen getting a data breach, EVE may be under DDoS attack. Coincidence? Maybe the establishment doesn’t like us having nice space things.


I thought connectivity issues were associated to an ongoing DDoS attack? Or is this a separate issue?

Wilhelm Arcturus

At points getting connected has been really bad, and seems to affect people in direct proportion to their distance from the London data center. UK players are mostly fine, US players were having a lot more trouble. (US players using VPN services that let you pretend to be in London seemed to find their ability to connect improved quite a bit, at least according to anecdotal accounts I heard on fleet ops last weekend.)

Even when you can get in, getting connected to the chat server has been problematic. When you see just 75 people in Jita local (usual population is over 1K at most times of the day) you know there is a problem.

And even then, if you get logged in and you get connected to the chat server, the game has been laggy and unresponsive.

So not a good week in New Eden.

James Velasquez

Good week to get stuff out of jita