French World of Warcraft fans release epic live-action War on Lordaeron short film


I’m gonna tell you to go get some popcorn now, and not because of drama. It’s because it’s movie time! World of Warcraft movie time! No, not that Warcraft movie – a fan-made one. But equally live-action!

The film, War on Lordaeron, runs just over four minutes in length and features dozens of costumed actors and fighters – including one scary orc – telling and showing the story of Lordaeron’s last stand. Pro cosplayer Chris Vernel, who helms the production and stars in the piece, says it was filmed largely in the French Château de Sedan and includes participants from the “WoW community in France, LARPers, reenactors, HEMA-ist, and many people with their support and passions.” Apparently, it won’t be the only one in the series, which is good, since it ends on a bit of a cliffhanger.

Definitely check out the Instagram feed; there are some nifty behind-the-scenes images of Vernel, the cast, and the crew!


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Anthony Clark




Thank you France thank you. This is hope that we still do have creative people that care about the lore. Beautiful piece of artwork! Applause on!
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Kickstarter Donor

Well I was expecting something more like

Glad I was wrong, that was really well done :)

Arnold Hendrick

I agree 110% with Eliot Lefebvre. An extremely well done video.

However, I can’t imagine how they’ll swing the budget for even a tiny representation of a horde army!

Eliot Lefebvre
Eliot Lefebvre

What an absolute delight!

It’s a treat to see a film that manages to get basically everything right that the official film within the same franchise got wrong. The four minutes of storytelling here are remarkably compact, deft, and well-done; it sets up exactly as much as you need to know about the world and gives a sense of a larger world without getting bogged down in pointless details. By the end of it we have a sense of the stakes, the setting, and even the characters without a word of dialogue spoken by any characters.

Seriously, someone get these people an actual budget; this is some excellent shot composition, editing, and pacing.

Toy Clown

For its bit of campiness, the cinematography was actually quite good. I will await part 2!