French World of Warcraft fans release epic live-action War on Lordaeron short film


I’m gonna tell you to go get some popcorn now, and not because of drama. It’s because it’s movie time! World of Warcraft movie time! No, not that Warcraft movie – a fan-made one. But equally live-action!

The film, War on Lordaeron, runs just over four minutes in length and features dozens of costumed actors and fighters – including one scary orc – telling and showing the story of Lordaeron’s last stand. Pro cosplayer Chris Vernel, who helms the production and stars in the piece, says it was filmed largely in the French Château de Sedan and includes participants from the “WoW community in France, LARPers, reenactors, HEMA-ist, and many people with their support and passions.” Apparently, it won’t be the only one in the series, which is good, since it ends on a bit of a cliffhanger.

Definitely check out the Instagram feed; there are some nifty behind-the-scenes images of Vernel, the cast, and the crew!

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