Pantheon promises Faerthale gameplay look ‘soon’


Due to the passing of Brad McQuaid, the future of Pantheon may feel uncertain to some players who were hoping that this PvE MMO will go the distance. Perhaps this will help: The remaining team has been anything but quiet in the first month of 2020. In fact, February’s newsletter is full of dev livstreams, work-in-progress pictures, and promises of imminent reveals.

“Soon, we will stream a first look at Faerthale — actual gameplay and a peek at the content,” the developers promised. “On the development side of things, the team is working on breathing life into the Murk, tuning abilities and encounters, adding more UI features, more animations, squashing more bugs and implementing more performance increases.”

And if you prefer to listen rather than read, the latest developer livestream is available as an audio-visual delight:

Source: Pantheon
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