Blue Protocol announces timing for closed beta in Japan and unveils new details in a developer video


The developers of the Bandai Namco-published anime action MMORPG Blue Protocol have put out a developer update video and it is chock full of new details according to a developing megathread on Reddit. Among these details are looks at character customization, NPCs, mounts, and oh yeah, some dates related to the game’s first closed beta in Japan.

The original update video is (obviously) in Japanese, but English-speaking fans have been eagerly digesting and disseminating information from it as often as possible. At the time of this writing, there are translated details of the game’s characters, a couple of looks at mounts and character customization, and a new trailer that shows off what appears to be a PvP arena along with various other locations, story beats, and peeks at the game’s combat in action once more.

The closed beta will begin in Japan some time in March and will last for approximately four days. Registration starts on February 12th, with 50,000 player invites planned to be handed out. It will have no NDA and, according to community members, will not be IP blocked, though that detail is not 100% confirmed. Even so, a lack of NDA could mean we’ll be seeing a lot of gameplay shares in about a month.

For now, there’s that new trailer we mentioned below to feast your eyes on.

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