EverQuest II brings back its Valentine’s Day event with a new quest and new rewards


The season of love has arrived to EverQuest II once again. It’s Erollisi Day and this year’s event is promising some new quest rewards, items, and more during its Valentine’s Day seasonal event.

This year’s Erollisi Day will see players taking part in a quest for a variety of items, as well as chase a new achievement by collecting thematic items in the Blood of Luclin zones. There’s also new items including a new recipe scroll and six new Erollisi Day items including a new mount. Speaking of mounts, the game’s marketplace also has some pretty new mounts for sale. Finally, the Kaladim time-locked expansion server is tasking players with finding Disciples of Love in Freeport and the Qeynos Province District to obtain Erollisi Day themed house items and equipment.

All of this romantic… stuff, including returning Erollisi Day quests and activities, can be read about on EQII Wiki or the game’s website. May your endeavors in the world of Norrath bring you closer to one another. Or at least score you some fun thematic stuff.

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