Nexon agrees to a wage increase after negotiations with its labor union

Fair's fair.

Well, this is a nice surprise for anyone who had been rooting for the labor unions. After lengthy negotiations following a year of big problems at Nexon, the company has emerged from negotiations with its labor union, Starting Point, to announce that a wage increase has been negotiated for workers at the software giant. Nexon’s representatives are calling this a way to promote a constructive future, so that’s good to see. This follows a long string of events starting with employees walking out and staging protests.

While there’s no way to track each and every employee from the outside, the Korea Herald is reporting that the average increase will be 6.8% for employees. Not a huge hike, then, but a significant one just the same, and a sign that organized labor in the video game industry can make organizational changes to these huge corporations.


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Pleased to see some steps toward a balance of power between workers and management here. Whenever either side becomes too strong, there are abuses and general grief.


Good for them, a win for unions is not a bad thing. I think in the United States we have been bombarded by the message that unions are a bad thing. Hopefully it will get folks here to organize and help make their workplaces better, as well as get some of the share of that phat lewts the corporations rake in.


We donnae need tha kind of Communism ‘ere in ‘murica.