Lyn Assassins and a third Assassin spec arrive to Blade and Soul February 19


My favorite class in Blade and Soul is easily the Assassin. It has so many fun tricks, utilizes a reactive playstyle that lets you generally adapt to most situations, and provides opportunities to set up and execute a trap. Honestly, it feels good. Now the Lyn race will get to experience that and all Assassins will have a new spec to play with when the Shroud of the Assassin update arrives to the game on Wednesday, February 19th.

Yes, the Lyn race will get to finally leap around and be tiny terrors as Assassins, while every Assassin level 55 and higher who has completed the Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan quest can unlock the Way of the Phantom spec. This new spec will let Assassins wield spooky phantasmal energy and unleash attacks like the Twilight Slash or the Shadow Stalkers ability. More on just what this spec is capable of will be part of an in-depth preview next week.

In addition, the update will see the return of the Blade and Soulmate Valentine’s event and a new version of Hongsil’s Treasure Draw board game, as well as additional features that will likely be elaborated on later. For now, tricksy Assassins should probably keep their eyes open for more details soon.

source: official site, thanks to Utakata for the tip!
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