The Daily Grind: What’s your favorite sci-fi MMO?


Generally, but not always, I like to have a science fiction (or science fantasy, if we’re being pedantic) MMORPG in my gaming rotation for a refreshing change of pace to the sword-and-sorcery online games that are out there. Hey, I like fantasy just as much as anyone else, but sometimes a gamer wants to travel to the stars, you know?

I’ve enjoyed a nice range of sci-fi MMOs over the years, with my favorites being Star Trek Online, WildStar, Anarchy Online, and Star Wars: The Old Republic. I’m also gratified to see a slew of new sci-fi titles on the horizons, such as Blue Protocol, Zenith, Dual Universe, Life Beyond, and more.

What is — or was — your favorite science fiction MMORPG? What did you love most about it?

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!

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I’ve played some that have/had interesting lore and characters. However, none of them really had the gameplay sufficient to keep up with that interest. I didn’t play SWG pre-NGE so maybe that would have had both.

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Lets See. First sci-fi MMO was the Matrix Online. It had it’s problems but the community was the friendliest and most welcoming. It was shut down before the DDO Free to play model came along and I sometime wonder how it would have done if SOE had let it use this model (A lot of players used the SOE game pass which included MXO but SOE didn’t count those players in the game’s sub numbers).

There was also Jumpgate, a superb simulated Space sim MMO. Unfortunately,it was killed by too much seal clubbing (griefing new players as soon they launch from a station). Tried EVE for a little while but it didn’t seem to click with me.

SWTOR managed to scratch the itch for a while but once Elite : Dangerous came out, it was a huge step up from Jumpgate and the community (on the whole) have been just as friendly and welcoming as the MXO and It’s been my goto game for the last six years.


I need that change up too. I’d like to see some “modern” MMORPGs as well. The Secret World is one. They had a Matrix MMORPG but it was before my time. It’s sad that The Matrix MMORPG isn’t here these days for us to try but from what I’m told it was a major dud.

I guess as far as sci-fi goes my top would be Star Trek Online. The way they do the episodic content makes it easy to pop on and experience a little bit of story and log back out soon after. We can go and experience a nice little story episode instead of watching a short TV show.

The way they keep the journal in STO that lets you get into these episodes quickly and see where you are, what you’ve done and what’s still available, it makes it all very accessible for quick gaming sessions.

After that would be SWTOR. They have a lot of personal content for different classes with their own stories and choices. The on-rails space shooter combat is a bust, but the ground game is pretty decent.

I don’t enjoy PvP, which basically means Eve is out of the running for me. In order to have a PvE experience in Elite Dangerous, you basically have to play solo and if I’m going to play a space game solo I’m sure there would be many better single-player options out there. I’m still waiting to see what Star Citizen will be, currently it’s still too early in development for me to enjoy dabbling in.


EVE for the sheer amount of systems that are available to the players, and Elite for the closest to a space sim we got at this time.

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In concept or actuality?

In concept it would be Wildstar, EvE, Firefall, Neocron, or Tabula Rasa.

Unfortunately none of those games lived up to the great concept they had. Either failing to perform, getting shut down, or ending up just not being fun (more like a job than a game… looking at you EvE).

Anarchy Online was amazing during its days, and had they made a sequel it might be my number 1 mmo right now.

So that just sorts leaves Swtor. It can be fun, its kinda messy, has some good stories, alright gameplay, but marred by a crap release and ugly F2P model. But what else is there still left? STO? Lol, thats even worse.


Ah Tabula Rasa – We are all born a blank slate. 😎 Nobody said the Koreans were the brightest people on the earth. NCsoft shutdown so many beloved games including City of Heroes.

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Entropia Universe or Planet Calypso or whatever the hell the name was, is about the only one I played, but even then not very long because the cost to shoot a gun was just ridiculous. I did play STO early on but didn’t like being a ship so much and relying on that for combat. This was when away missions were in their infancy and not very good. Could be a lot better now but just never got back in to it. I would love to see a good Sci-Fi game come along that makes ship and land equal fun.


Star Wars Galaxies DUH


Absolutely love Wildstar. Fantastic IP. Great game mechanics. Very stylized bubble-gum sci fi. I also have a huge soft spot for STO. Earth and Beyond, when it was released was a total trip. Nothing like it at that time.

IMHumbleO I don’t think Star Citizen will EVER be released. (Laugh and disagree as you like) They make way too much money off of NOT releasing it, and just selling stuff/ships/etc in a game that you can’t even play. At first I was totally intrigued, but after years (read: YEARS) of hearing about the great kickstarter champion that NEVER releases… I am quite skeptical. And highly doubt I would invest in it, even if it did release. Imagine the patch schedule? One patch every five years. But! They’ll sell you “Exclusive” “Founder” Astronaut shoes for your toon for only 5000$ real currency, to get you by until then.


In no particular order of preference;
STO been lifetime subscriber, was in the beta i still play it quite a bit, i love that i have been able to take breaks and pick up. I love the stories.

SWTOR-Story Story Story, though lately it seems to be stuck. I am hoping more development gets thrown in its direction. I suspect due to Anthem, and the slow destruction of Bioware thats not gonna happen.

AO- one of the first Scifi games, and yes i played Earth and Beyond, but AO was way superior during that time. It was innovative, and yes no hand holding so it was always interesting, since you could gimp yourselves easily with bad skill choices. It has not aged very well at all graphically, but if they were to build an AO2 i would probably give it a chance.

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Firefall was another one for me.
Earth & Beyond