RIFT and ArcheAge outline their respective Valentine’s Day events


The season of love (or at least mutually beneficial teamwork long enough for everyone to get rewards and then never speak of the pairing ever again) continues to descend on the wider MMO gaming world. Up next, we’ve got lovey-dovey events from the likes of RIFT and both versions of ArcheAge.

In RIFT, players can enter a contest to celebrate love in-game with a video of an in-game marriage, a romantic screenshot or picture made with traditional art media, or “any other kind of creative work and gesture that comes to mind,” so long as it fits the Valentine’s Day theme. Three winners will be chosen and receive 30 days of patron time, a mount of their choice, or a costume of their choice depending on placement. The contest runs for three weeks and ends on February 25th.

As for ArcheAge, the Saving Everyone’s Valentines event is tasking players with helping Chocolate Merchant Piero deliver sweets in exchange for event coins. This currency can then be spent on a variety of rewards including Hiram Awakening Scrolls, Manastorm Crystals, and cosmetics like the Kitty and Puppy Onesie. The event runs until February 20th and is open to all players level 30 and up.


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Castagere Shaikura

When did Valentine’s day become a thing in MMO’s?

Roger Melly

At least since 2005 when I first started playing them .


I’m currently single by choice and am very happy with that choice. I am up for some Valentine’s gifts and costumes in games though :D Especially pet costumes. Cute little outfits for my in-game cats would be best. (Yes, I am a crazy cat lady in training).


But people would rather eat from a chocolate fountain with Ewoks. 😋