The Elder Scrolls: Blades will introduce a loadouts feature in Update 1.6


One of the more convenient things ever devised in MMO gaming (or gaming in general) is loadouts, which lets you craft the perfect build for a given situation and switch to it when that situation presents itself. This handy feature is arriving to The Elder Scrolls: Blades in Update 1.6, along with a couple of other notable additions to the mobile game.

Players will get access to five different loadout slots with the new update, which can each be customized with special names, icons, and background colors to help players quickly identify each one. Loadouts can be swapped out mid-swing in single-player combat, or can be changed in-between rounds in PvP, which should open up some more strategy in both modes. Speaking of PvP, TES: Blades has seen the activity eagerly played by fans, with over 1 million PvP matches played since the game’s last update.

In addition, the update will revise single-player Job enemies in a number of ways, including more swarms of smaller enemies, combinations of enemies that make more sense from a lore standpoint, and more even distribution of enemies. There’s also an option to turn off cutscenes before boss fights and the ability to send collected chests to your chest inventory to open them later.

Update 1.6 is due to arrive at some point later this month, with patch notes promised before then. For now, a preview for these features is available in video form below.

source: YouTube

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Anyone know a good link to a site with a good list of phones this will work on? I can resort to Bluestacks if I have to LOL.


Blech. ;(

Did not read carefully enough and thought this was for ESO.

No big deal as I use Alpha Gear in ESO that does the same thing within the bounds of the game rules (no armor changes mid-combat; just Weapon/Shield changes).

Maybe article should have been in the not so massively column? :)

Malcolm Swoboda

Still can’t play on my 2018 Nokia Plus. And I guess I’m fine with that! And with Legends only lasting a few years, its not like I faith with in their maintenance.