Once again, Final Fantasy XIV is wildly improving its screenshot feature

Deep blue sea.

At this point Final Fantasy XIV already has an enormously powerful tool for taking screenshots built into the game via the /gpose feature. You can already do a lot with it to provide very different sorts of screenshots as you wish. So, naturally, the next patch is adding more features to the screenshot tool, such as adding the ability to save and load lighting and camera setups if you find just the right configuration for certain shots.

Other improvement includes changes to frames that more easily allow you to reframe the shot in a new angle alongside several new frames (including an Elite Mark frame for those of you who want to be hunted). Plus, for those of you still struggling to even start using this feature, the game will now feature a quick guide to the controls of the interface, allowing everyone to get their toes wet and figure out the basics of how to frame a good shot. So now it’s going to be an even better tool for screenshots.


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Revelation Online have a camera feature which offer zooming and focusing, FFXIV have the /gpose feature, both of these ideas should be in many MMOs, i saw people in Twitch spending too much time posing for screenshots, it was a delightful stream for XIV.