PlanetSide 2 celebrates Valentine’s Day, hypes Escalation


Admittedly, there probably aren’t many ways a game like PlanetSide 2 can mark a holiday around love like Valentine’s Day other than let players dress up their weapons. It’s still a little odd, though. Still, if that sort of thing doesn’t make you think too much or you just have some Daybreak Cash burning a hole in your digital pocket, there’s a bunch of themed bundles up for grabs for a limited time.

From now until Sunday, February 23rd, players can snap up several new items, camo items, camo bundles, and vehicle horn bundles that are all dressed up for Valentine’s Day. These include the new pink and gold stripe weapon camo, a pair of dual crossbows, and an Archer anti-material rifle variant. The pink and gold camo will set you back 299 DBC, while the other bundles will be on offer for 1499 DBC, which is about $3 and $15 respectively. Because you just can’t price cash shop items in whole round numbers, I guess. There’s a law written about that somewhere.

None of these cosmetics will likely matter until you can show them off in the Sanctuary social hub that’s coming to the game with the Escalation update, as we covered last week, but at least you can perhaps consider dressing up for the occasion.

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