RuneScape adjusts War’s Retreat and asks players to help King Slime find love


Just because you’re a gelatinous mass of awful material doesn’t mean you don’t deserve love, and it’s up to RuneScape players to help that happen. This setup is part of the game’s weekly update post, which adds a permanent new novice quest to help King Slime find a soulmate as well as details some adjustments being made to the War’s Retreat PvM mode. Also, “gelatinous mass of awful material” is totally my self description. Jagex gets me.

Prepare for gloopy romance with Once Upon a Slime, a quest that asks players to aid in “setting everyone’s favourite clammy Casanova up with the girl of his dreams before he slimes the whole town.” Not only will this quest reward players with the feeling of helping out a lovelorn blob, but it will also reward in-game things like a “suitably glutinous pet” and a “dapper” new accessory, both of which sound well worth the cost of admission.

For those who are digging in to the War’s Retreat content, there’s a number of adjustments on tap, from minor tweaks like a special message for people burning logs on War’s campfire and an updated unlock hint for the ‘Dare to Die’ track, to the more significant like a tooltip to the Marks of War currency, the ability to check your Marks of War cooldown with War himself, and some tweaks to Boss Portals and the Reaper Portal.

Speaking of updates, there’s another weekly set of patch notes for RuneScape, as well as the usual schedule details for livestreams and the like. You all should know the deal by now. Now go give King Slime someblobby to love.

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