Star Trek Online fans can download costumes for the legendary shows ahead of the legendary ship packs

Boldly gone.

If you’re more eager to take part in the adventures of flying across the galaxy in a classic ship rather than just “a Star Trek ship” in Star Trek Online, you will no doubt be happy that the 10th anniversary package seems very intent on giving you exactly the sort of classic ship decor you want with legendary ships from every series. If, however, you want to also have a legendary crew… well, Reddit has you covered with a new set of costumes for every main installment.

That’s a full set of costumes for every television series (including the very-new Star Trek: Picard) and each of the movie series, including the costuming for Wrath of Khan and onward and the Kelvin-timeline cast. So if you’d be happiest beaming down from your Discovery-like ship Crossfield-class ship with the actual Discovery cast? You can make that happen now. Or you could do something really weird like mash up all of your favorites and beam down with Data, Dax, Uhura (Kelvin), and Picard. We won’t judge.

Source: Reddit; thanks to anonymous for the tip!

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To prevent any confusion you should probably edit your article to make it clear that these are FAN MADE costumes that have to be downloaded from the reddit links, NOT something “official” that people can actually download in the game. I think the comment from “mysecretid” reflects a little confusion on this point in his opening statments.

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Yes, I definitely misunderstood who created these assets for the game, but that may be an early-afternoon failure of my own reading comprehension skills.

Thanks for the clarification TFG! o7

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Thanks for the word, Eliot. There weren’t any details about crew options when I logged in yesterday, and yes, this is of interest to me.

I must say, though, I do wish Cryptic would do a little more with its character facial models (they’ve done some, back when the Voyager content was released).

The biggest issue, for me anyway, is that they need more face options in the game. As a long-time player, I know that a few choices have actually been removed since launch.

While the character creator provides many options for hairstyles, and some degree of aging, there are only around six basic human face types for each major human racial type and gender which aren’t “extreme” in some way.

Looking at the character faces offered in the links you provided, the severe limits on the game’s human facial options becomes fairly evident.

How many of these featured characters are only truly recognizable here because people who’ve seen Star Trek already know which characters they’re supposed to be?

Sure, they can have a pass on William Shatner’s Kirk — most games and artwork can’t seem to capture his particular likeness well, at least in my experience.

But Dahj (Isa Briones) from Star Trek: Picard is clearly built from one of the game’s archetypal “female asian” face templates, and yet Dahj — while of blended parentage on the show — does not present as so obviously of asian heritage as they portray her here.

I’m not picking on Cryptic with this post, or “calling them out”, or any of that other internet silliness … I’m just saying that these pics are evidence that it may well be time for the Cryptic devs to expand on how human and humanoid character faces are made and portrayed in Star Trek Online.

Thanks for your patience with this long post,