Technical issues extended Phantasy Star Online 2’s weekend beta an extra day

Or not. We could not.

So, how was your Phantasy Star Online 2 closed beta experience? Chances are it was a bit bumpy, but it also was expanded by a few more hours for Xbox One testers as a result of those several bumps in the road. The extension kept the game open through early Monday morning, a day past the original planned end time.

Why the extension? Because, as is often the way of these things, the first few moments online for PSO2 weren’t exactly plain sailing, with the first Ship (or server) filling to capacity literally within minutes, some ID authentication issues, and an emergency maintenance that extended into the wee hours of the following morning. It was, however, for the benefit of later launches, as it helped to identify data processing issues. Because, y’know, it’s a test.

It wasn’t all technical issues, though, as the game did manage to release its Urgent Quest schedule and hold an in-game concert as promised.

Players who have been able to take part in the PSO2 CBT are invited to fill out a survey to offer their thoughts on the experience and will even get 500 pieces of premium currency for doing so. Accessing the survey is done through a series of menus, so make sure you follow the instructions.

And as for core MMORPG players on PC? Well, we’re still awaiting news on our test phases.

sources: Twitter, official site (1, 2)
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I had a lot of fun playing in the CBT! It only took 3 minutes after opening for the first server to fill up and I couldn’t log in. But I was expecting that and just laughed a little. My motivation was to try out the game and just be part of the great event that a beta test of a game you haven’t played can be! I’m glad they extended the CBT additional hours into Sunday.

After playing the game, I can see why it has remained popular for so long. The combat is fun and I loved the crazy chaos of the Urgent Quests! A lot of that was because most of us were new to the game, but we all just kept coming back for more. Like FFXIV, PSO2 has a lot to do. The “live” concert made me feel like I was in Macross Frontier! Needless to say, I can’t wait for the next chance to play.

The only issue I had with the game was the low res look of my character on my original Xbox One connected to a 4K TV. I know that Xbox One model is just so so with 1080p gaming compared to the S and X, but I’m still reported the issue and hope that there will be some improvement prior to launch. I also plan to play on PC, but I don’t want to wait for that release before playing again.

And don’t forget, glamour, of course, is still the true end game!


Will the PC even be getting a test Phase? I don’t see any reason why one would be needed. It’s already a long running PC game so the only thing that would need to be tested is the localization and they can test that on the XBox.

Saxon Myers

Wouldn’t they have to test Microsoft’s servers as well? Or will Xbox and PC share the same servers?


I didn’t actually fire up the CBT until later on Saturday, and by then I didn’t have any major server issues and only disconnected once. I was on the second ship/server, so that may have helped in that regard.

Did some missions, appreciated how they went ahead and had my friend’s list in-game populated by those on my Xbox friend’s list that were also playing, checked out all the basic class mechanics by doing the practice quests, was amused at some of the cutscene localization choices – Highlight was a pink haired villain going “You.” ominously at me and then attacking.

Spent too much time in the casino, made it to round 25 of the Arkuma Slots before choosing the wrong target on one of the 50/50 choices and waved goodbye to the nearly 4k casino coins I could have earned.

All in all had a good time, largely with the gameplay systems.

I was asked a question in a previous article about which version they were bringing over, and that person had mentioned things being shifted around or cut from the early game experience. Comparing the story quests I had available to examples from circa 2015 and I think I see now what they mean, assuming things weren’t simply held back due to it being a beta.

The story quests I did (only did up to fighting the pink haired guy) felt like it had a chunk cut from between it and the previous one. Maybe that context is now in the expedition quests, or some other quest option, but the “Get to Naverius after the certification mission, hear a voice, run around fight some stuff, find an unconscious individual, etc.,” that I see in the 2015 version was not there as part of just doing the story quests presented to me in order.

But I’m not familiar enough with the game to say if that’s how the early episodes work now in the Japanese client, or if it was done that way to keep story content in the CBT limited (Episodes 2 and 3 were locked with the message that they were not available during the CBT, so it’s possible? Maybe?).

blahlbinoa .

I’m sure the PC beta will have no problems at all when it comes out, because Sega will have addressed them by then /s

Reginald Atkins

I can’t say I had many issues, think my play sessions just revolved around the problem times.