Stake your claim with New World’s settlements as Amazon drops new dev blog


Even though New World is allegedly right around the corner this spring, Amazon Game Studios has been fairly quiet on the sandbox title since its initial announcement. Hopefully that is changing with the sign of a juicy new dev blog.

In this week’s post, New World explains its settlement system — basically, a way for players to build their own towns and populate the game map: “Settlements are where players live, congregate, craft, trade, work on town projects, and support their faction through faction missions. Death is not the end in Aeternum, so settlements also serve as a respawn point for players unfortunate enough to have fatal mishaps on their adventures.”

Players will choose one of three factions, which gradually leads into territory conquest with fort and settlement building. Settlements are meant to be more of a home to players (and, in fact, contain player housing) with a gamer government, upgradable crafting stations, and large-scale projects that involve all of that faction’s community.

All we know is that settlements will offer us the ability to become tinpot despots: “Governors are the leaders of companies and the rulers of territories. They are in the unique position of being able to shape their dominion and the lives of the players who call it home. They can be a representative of the people or they can rule with an iron fist. What will you do with that power?”

Source: New World
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