Star Wars: The Old Republic delays Update 6.1, but you can read the patch notes

Party down.

Hope you didn’t build your time off around Update 6.1: Pinnacles of Power’s release to Star Wars: The Old Republic because the devs have had to announce that it’s been delayed. Yea, it sucks, but hey, at least there are patch notes to scour. So at least you’ll be informed ahead of time. That’s good, right? Silver lining and all that?

According to the announcement, a last minute issue with the patch has to be addressed before release. Further bad news is that there’s no timing on when this issue will be resolved according to the most recent forum postings. “Ideally, we would love to be able to release it later this week, but until we get a full understanding of the issue and the time it will take to fix it I can’t give a timeframe just yet,” reads the latest alert. As for tomorrow’s maintenance, that will be postponed as well in order to coincide with whenever Pinnacles of Power will go live.

At the very least, as I mentioned before, there are patch notes to read, which grants players a full look at adjustments to Tacticals, skills, and set bonuses, tweaks to the game’s Flashpoints and Operations, and some other item changes among other updates. There’s plenty to absorb through patch notes osmosis even if you can’t play the update right now.


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Mattias Berg

I tried getting into the game again but between the massive scripting errors when it comes to quests and UI (i.e. intractable items not being intractable, mobs resetting health, character combat stats changing whenever they feel like, companion level sometimes not scaling for content so they instagib every mob you fight etc) and the truly horrendous server performance I just couldn’t stay with it. In pvp you aren’t so much moving around as teleporting around, literally, the server update frequency seems to be somewhere around 800-1600ms even in a 5v5 pvp game. I just couldn’t get over how poor it was, it somehow feels worse to play now than it did during launch week.

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Alex Willis

I just started playing SWTOR again.

That is all.

Carry on.
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