TERA’s Crescent Sea is live on PC with Elin Valkyries and the new treasure ship dungeon

It’s patch day for TERA’s PC crowd today, as Crescent Sea officially goes live, bringing the playable Elin Valkyrie to the game world along with the new 5-person dungeon, Sea of Honor. Yes, you’re on a boat.

“Included in the update is the brand-new Sea of Honor five-player dungeon, intended for level 70 players looking to stretch their sea-legs. Before boarding the Goldenscale treasure ship and voyaging into the open waters, players must acquire a Sea of Honor Voyage Map earned by clearing dungeons and defeating field bosses. Once a single player in the group has the map, the group can depart on their journey – but beware monsters from the deeps and other vessels are out to commandeer the Goldenscale, one wrong move can send players plummeting to a watery grave.”

En Masse is running a level-up even for the new class/race combo; if you work your new Valk up to 70 before March 3rd, there’s a Crimson Dragon mount in it for you. Check out the patch notes on the official site.

Source: Press release

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James Akashi

Long story short elin is becoming the most versatile class and sea of honor is pretty much a shattered fleet remake


You know at one time, this used to get me excited. But since they’ve given the Elin every Eff’ing class and it’s dog, with little to no love for the other races…I think I will sit this out. Just saying.


Yeah, even the Castanic are being ignored now. But Elin get to be everything. :/