Dungeons and Dragons Online upgrades to 64-bit client, adds Alchemist class


Heady times have arrived for Dungeons and Dragons Online, as it joins its sister game LOTRO today in upgrading to a 64-bit client.

Standing Stone Games said that players will need to manually activate the 64-bit mode to experience a faster and smoother game: “The DDO game client can now be optionally run in 64-bit, which can improve game performance. By default, players will continue to run the 32-bit client unless they change the option in the launcher. This selection can be changed again if desired.”

The upgraded client is part of today’s Update 45: Age of the Alchemist. The titular Alchemist class joins the roster as an arcane caster who uses poisons and potions to great effect. DDO also brought back its anniversary event and added epic-level versions of Delera’s Tomb and the Catacombs.

Source: Dungeons and Dragons Online. Thanks DDOCentral!

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Been wanting to get into the game….started a bard which I think might be a bad choice for a new player’s first roll….guess I’ll just have to play more and find out!


Bard is actually a good choice. Concentrate on raising your Haggle skill and you can sell for more and buy cheaper. Works great for getting potions and stuff for your other characters at a discount. And for getting more money from selling unneeded items. At high or even medium levels of haggle the discount/increase is quite significant.

Use magic device allows you to use scroll spells you can’t learn like Knock.

Bards are good at enchantment type spells, Otto’s Resistable Dance and Hypnotism are solid low level choices. Bard buffs and crowd control are top notch.
Damage spells are sound based, so if something is immune to Sonic you will have to whack it with your weapon.
Being able to swing a weapon some is required, but is not usually a Bards main focus.

Bards can heal some, so you are not locked into a healer hireling, though a healer hireling might be the best way to go depending on the dungeon.

Bard’s Rock!


DDO’s 14th Anniversary is this month! The Anniversary Party event should have some references to the upcoming Feywild expansion as the Anniversary Party always foreshadows the year’s new content.