Find your soulmate in Secret World Legends and Anarchy Online


It’s love amid Lovecraftian terror and alien worlds, if Funcom has anything to say about it. Both Secret World Legends and Anarchy Online have activated their respective Valentines events, so get ready for a heapload of mushy stuff.

In Secret World Legends, love is being spread via fisticuffs and Soulmate arcade games. This actually includes a brand-new investigation mission, the first new piece of mission content the game has seen in quite some time. Cakes and pets are your reward, and the game is selling a couple of new emotes as well.

“The newest attraction during the Open Week is a vintage Soulmate arcade machine you may use to find your true love,” the team said. “Disclaimer: Satisfaction not guaranteed. Find a new investigation mission beside the arcade cabinet; embark on a task to uncover why the matchmaking machine would be in a pocket dimension in the first place.”

Over in Anarchy Online, players have until February 26th to get in all of the cuddles, hugs, and snuggles that this event entails. There are some freebies to claim with this one, so make sure you log in to get them before the time is up.


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Malcolm Swoboda

A secret world miracle.

Maybe they’ll even advance the main storyline this year.

Hikari Kenzaki

The Rosenbrawl free invites are nice because my repeated requests in-game and Discord to get an invite have been ignored by those that have access.