Lord of the Rings Online activates Riders of Rohan, hands out cloaks and armor


Lord of the Rings Online players are about to ride for ruin (in a good way), thanks to today’s unlock of Riders of Rohan on the twin progression servers. This raises the level cap to 85 and adds mounted combat and several massive regions in which to gallop.

Subscribers (who have access to the special servers) are in for a bonus today as well: “Adventure in Eastern Rohan and Wildermore and earn unique titles, an account-wide Cloak of the Regal Horse-lords, and an account-wide Horse-lords portrait frame. Also, log in with an active subscription to a character on any World through March 12th, 2020, and receive an account-wide cosmetic Armour of the Elite Rider.”

Update 25.3.3 also added Tier 5 difficulty to all of Minas Morgul’s six-player dungeons and improved the Houses of Lamentation instance (more loot, weaker enemies).


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Riders of Rohan AKA Dancing on Ice: Horse edition. :D

Techno Wizard
Techno Wizard

Forth Eorlingas!


Running around Rohan right now :) This is what’s great about these progression servers – the first time I did this area was years after it launched and the whole area was a ghost town, now there’s people around…

Ardra Ventax

Nurzum awaits you menacingly!

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Are they saying I have to do things in Rohan, specifically, in order to get these account-wide unlocks?

My highest functioning character is 33, guys…


Looking forward to get online this evening and see all the new goodies

<3 Rohan :)


Man, Justin I think I may hop back in. Where I find time? However, Lord of the Rings is just such a classic tale!