Starbase shares work on moon surfaces and advertisements and a new Boltcrackers episode


It’s another week of progress notes from Starbase, and just like the last time this one has some shiny new pictures and updates from its work on planetary surfaces as well as some snazzy new signs and advertisements.

As usual, the progress notes are a mish-mash of various system updates including weapons tests on various materials and ships to ensure things are balanced, the addition of support for kill zones that immediately kill players and destroy objects, and a variety of other fixes and updates. What’s perhaps of most interest is related to further planetary updates, which include ship collision with planets, the completion of alpha moon terrains, adjustments for procedural object placement for moons, and asteroid rock and material updates. There’s also a new gallery of spiffy pictures that show off more planetary surface vistas and some spiffing new signage and advertisements.

In other Starbase news, those robotic mavens of explosive scientific testing, the Boltcrackers, are back in the lab with a new episode all about ship boarding countermeasures. Most of these involve explosives, as is typical with the Boltcrackers, and they also appear to be less about preventing boarding and more about setting awful traps for people. Which, let’s be honest, players were going to do anyway.

You’ll find this weeks update gallery and the latest episode of Boltcrackers below.


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oh m’garsh! Too funny! Thanks Chris!
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