Black Desert patches in Witch and Wizard succession skills, plus a wacky bee event


Apiphobes should stay the heck away from Black Desert right about now, as the PC version of the game is under siege by bees. Just kidding, it’s under siege by players trying to steal chocolate from bees. Yes, I know chocolate doesn’t come from bees. Look, I didn’t say any of this made sense. Just go get some chocolate, mix it with some honey, and drink the resulting wine. Don’t think about it too hard. The wine will help with that.

This weird Valentine event is just one chunk of the PC patch this week; yesterday, Kakao and Pearl Abyss patched in succession skills for the Witch and Wizard as well. “The two masters of the staff get new skills for their main weapon to cast devastating spells,” writes Kakao.

Meanwhile, over in the game’s mobile version, the rank system for all players has swapped over from being server-specific to combined across each reach. Plus, Nightmare: Omar Lava Cave, which sounds kinda of like a place nobody should go, has opened up to players; it’s essential a PvPvM mode with 100 players battling it out with monsters – and each other.

Finally, MOP’s own Black Desert columnist Carlo Lacsina has undertaken a new project: to suss out the lore in the game, localization be damned. You can check out his first entry in the project in yesterday’s Desert Oasis.

Source: Patch notes, press release
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